Frequently Asked Questions
Interdental brushes

  1. Place an IDB at the gum line between the teeth.
  2. Find the right entrance angle.
  3. Push the brush through with care and then pull it out – job done!
  4. The ultrafine bristles designed with an umbrella effect make it so effective that one single cleaning movement is enough.

Floss is not able to clean the critical places, such as the teeth concavities and area between the papillae.

Many interdental brushes do not have long enough bristles to reach the critical places mentioned above. The bristles of Curaprox‘s IDBs have a so called umbrella effect: they band at the entrance of the interdental space and stretch to fill the entire space. In this way, one single in-and-out movement is enough to properly clean the interdental space. Plus, the CURAL wire is extremely fine yet resistant, so it is perfect for even the smallest of interdental spaces.

For primary prophylaxis. The finest brushes on the market, they provide the easiest and most effective prevention against caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. Perfect even for the smallest interdental spaces. Suitable for everyone!

Highly effective brushes recommended for secondary prevention for patients with periodontitis and open, exposed interdental areas and black holes. Also suitable around crowns, bridges and prosthetics.

For orthodontic patients. Specially designed IDBs to clean wires from the inside and outside, and around brackets.

Unique bristle diameter for very safe and effective cleaning of implants.

The brush‘s access radius is defined by the wire core gauge in addition to the bristles bent on themselves during insertion: this is the umbrella effect.

The cleaning radius corresponds to the length of the filaments (in mm).

Frequently Asked Questions

A motivational and monitoring tool that assists in an individualised oral health strategy for the patient. Find out more on www.bobscore.com.

You can sign up for the BOB App by filling in the form on https://curaproxinterdental.com/bobscore/. After being approved, you will receive the login details on the “general email address of the practice” that you provided. Note: make sure to check your spam/junk folder as well.

This means that the BOB App has not been physically launched in your country and that we do not have the possibility of providing you with full local support as of yet. Fill in “Other countries” and send the form. After that, we will get in touch to discuss the possibilities with you.

You can download the BOB App in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In order to do so, open the store and search using the search terms “BOB Score”, “CURAPROX” or “Curaden” or click on one of the links below:

You can use the BOB App on a tablet:


iOS version: 10 or newer
Minimum resolution:  1024 x 786 



Minimum Android Version: KitKat 

Minimum resolution:  1024 x 786 

Additionally, you can open the BOB App on your desktop (Safari or Chrome browser), for this, go to: https://bobscore.prevention-one.com 

You can create an unlimited number of BOB coaches.

Yes, and this is why we will always have one of our employees get in touch with you to provide you with adequate training (offline or online).

The BOB App is compatible with the Interdental Brushes of CURAPROX.

In general, the BOB App is free to use. However, depending upon the country in which you operate, there might or might not be an applicable starters fee (in return for this fee, you will receive BOB training and CURAPROX Interdental Brushes).

It could be that the email ended up in your spam/junk folder. Therefore, make sure to check your spam/junk email inbox. If you cannot find any of our messages there either, please get in touch with our Help & Support department via support@bobscore.com

Fill in the form listed under “Help & Support” (click on your name in the top right corner) in the BOB App and please indicate for whom you would like to create a BOB App user account (first name / last name / email address). Then we will assist you in creating a new BOB App user account in your Practice account.

Go to “Settings” (click on your name in the top right corner) in the BOB App and change your personal details.

Are you looking to change your “Practice details”? Then fill in the form listed under “Help & Support” (click on your name in the top right corner) in the BOB App and request a BOB Admin account. This way, you will be provided with an admin login that you could use to, for instance, change your practice details and your logo.

Fill in the form listed under “Help & Support” (click on your name in the top right corner) in the BOB App and indicate which BOB App user has to be deleted.

Please fill in the form listed under “Help & Support” (click on your name in the top right corner) in the BOB App and send us your question. Alternatively, you could send us an email at support@bobscore.com

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